psyced is a distributed chat and messaging system based on the Protocol for SYnchronous Conferencing. PSYC is multicast and routed between servers and clients in a scalable and efficient way, but users can also comfortably use IRC clients, telnet, Webchat, WAP or XMPP to enter the network.

psyced also communicates with the network of Jabber/XMPP servers and hosts programmable chatrooms for all of these technologies at once. It also provides gateways to several IRC networks, but unlike IRC, everyone can run a server and be an equal member of the PSYC network.

psyced isn't just a PSYC server, it also simulates the functionality of PSYC clients allowing all sorts of dumb to very elaborate client applications to enter PSYCspace, from Telnet over Flash™ and Java™ applets up to IRC, XMPP (Jabber™) and PSYC clients.

PSYCspace itself is much more like the web than like an IRC network: Every internet address can run its own PSYC server and become equal part of the PSYC network - No hierarchies, no privileges for administrators, except - of course - the privilege to decide upon rooms and people you are hosting on your own server.


PSYC Multicasts

Taken and licensed from wikipedia:
The word "Multicast" is typically used to refer to IP Multicast, which is a protocol for efficiently sending to multiple receivers at the same time on TCP/IP networks, by use of a multicast address.
Unfortunately that technology doesn't work for chat and messaging in most cases. We are talking about multicast in its abstract meaning.

Multicast is the delivery of information to a group of destinations simultaneously using the most efficient strategy to deliver the messages over each link of the network only once and only create copies when the links to the destinations split. By comparison with multicast, conventional point-to-single-point delivery is called unicast. When unicast is used to deliver to several recipients, a copy of the data is sent from the sender to each recipient, resulting in inefficient and badly scalable duplication at the sending side.

This sounds so obvious, it is hard to believe only very few multicast technologies really exist. PSYC is a platform for experimenting with multicast algorithms today. It gives us a choice of tools which allow us to implement varying strategies of multicast from the classic IRC spanning tree over friendcasting, onion routing to full-fledged multipeer multicasting. In other words, we are taking care of distributing things smartly so that we're unlikely to run into scalability issues.

Download psyced

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