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Decentralized open-source friends platform anyone?

Redo myspace friendster orkut foaf in a PSYC interactive way..

A group of nice chaps is working on PSYC, a de-centralized post IRC post Jabber post IM multicast messaging protocol infrastructure.

You may find that interesting in itself, but for a few months I've been thinking that it really wouldn't be too hard to extend the "friendship" protocol features of PSYC to support a decentralized non- commercial orkufriensta-platform where every person is welcome to host his own data and his communities on his own server, and every friend is free to choose whose friend's server to use for himself.

the psyced software comes with a builtin webserver - it is not yet another dynamic webpage generator language, no, in everything it does it is always fully aware of groups of people, messaging, even multicasting. so everyone would have his profile page on his own server, maybe even designed in his own style, and yet compatible enough for everyone to easily join his communities, make friends and all those funky functions these tools bring.

compared to the existing systems it would even have the new and enormous advantage of complete messaging integration. that means you could choose to get realtime notification on any of the psyced client interfaces like IRC, ICQ, jabber, telnet, AIM, webchat, flash etc and native PSYC clients, obviously.

These are very light-weight - you can write a notification client in a few lines of perl. Same for content providers, you can send notifications to an arbitrary amount of "chat" users with a bunch of lines of a scripting language that connect your server and submit the message.

would you like to join us and help make it real? come to the PSYC developer chatroom!

Some words about FOAF: The way how immediate it can be done is nice, but it tries to make things overly simple - a (by the way rather ugly) XML file format publicly viewable on each person's homepage is not enough for our needs.

FOAF lacks all access control and traditional HTTP access control wouldn't be integrated - you'd have to add every friend of a friend to your access files before it starts making sense... If you try to automate this you may just as well use a new software which also acts as a global messaging and chat system.


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