This is psyced, a scalable multi-protocol multi-casting chat, messaging and social server solution to build decentralized chat networks upon, released as free software. Powerful, not bloated, not too hard to get into.
psyced supports the following protocols and formats:
It also has limited/experimental code for the following things:
Clients using XMPP C2S, Java Applets, Status.Net, WAP, NNTP.

psyced is mostly in maintenance mode for the reasons explained over here, but there is a little work going on to make psyced federate over Tor hidden services. Interested to help out?

At the XMPP Interop Event psyced has proven to be a solid if not cutting edge implementation of interserver XMPP. Good news for everyone who prefers to use IRC or PSYC clients rather than Jabber.

Event Notification! psyced now accepts alerts by e-mail and redistributes them in multicast chatrooms, or it informs you of incoming mail thru procmail integration.

psyced is the first piece of software to implement three different types of interserver protocols by also learning how to connect to an IRC network as a server, not as a client or service. This means full PSYC integration for any existing IRC network. Read more!

See about for more detailed news! You can stay up to date on PSYC by subscribing to psyc://, or use Twitter or even Facebook.

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